CliQ (System)


Available 24/7

Clients can send and receive instant transfers anytime, anywhere.


Up to JOD 10,000 Limit per Transaction

CliQ processes transactions with a maximum value of JOD 10,000 per transaction, and participating banks may set lower limits or introduce daily limits.


Integrated into Mobile Banking Apps in Jordan

CliQ is available in 19 mobile banking apps in Jordan, where bank clients can send and receive their transfers seamlessly.


Fully Interoperable

CliQ utilizes the ISO 20022 messaging standard, allowing sending and receiving transfers between participating banks. JoPACC also upgraded the JoMoPay system (the Jordan Mobile Payment Switch) to the same messaging standard (ISO 20022), enabling sending and receiving transfers between mobile wallets and participating banks.


Available for Corporate and Individual Accounts

CliQ offers custom solutions that cater to the specific needs of all clients, from corporate entities to individual accounts, delivering the best possible experience!

account types


credit transfer

Single Credit Transfer

Clients of banks participating on CliQ can receive and transfer money and make payments to bank and mobile wallet clients instantly.
Request to Pay

Request to Pay

CliQ allows payees to send a request for payment directly to the payer’s account. The payer has the option to accept or reject this request. If accepted, the requested amount is transferred instantly to the requester’s account.

Return Payments

As an additional layer of convenience to clients and to improve the traceability of returned transactions, CliQ enables payees to return received payments to the originator; allowing them to return the whole amount or part of it.

Multiple Payment Addressing Modes

CliQ supports multiple payment addressing modes, including names, emails, phone numbers, and IBANs. It further allows the use of the same alias for multiple accounts and assigning multiple aliases to the same account.
Payee confirmation

Payee Confirmation

An extra measure to avoid misdirected payments is implemented by CliQ, which displays the full name of the recipient, after obtaining their consent in advance, to the sender to check it prior to completing the transfer.
Credit Confirmation

Credit Confirmation

After sending transfers, CliQ users can be notified of whether their transfers have been successfully received by the intended recipients.

QR Payments to Merchants

CliQ is now integrated with POS payments at merchants, where payments can be made to merchants through QR codes. Clients can process their payments instantaneously by scanning a QR code that is generated on the POS device using CliQ, and merchants’ payments are settled immediately once the payment is completed.

CliQ as a payment acceptance method

Given its ease of use and convenience, businesses are showing interest in integrating CliQ into their payment acceptance methods. In this case, and given that direct participation in the system is only open to banks, businesses can explore integration through merchant acquirers in Jordan.

CliQ brings the fascinating world of instant payments to Jordan’s banks, their clients, FinTech startups, and the overall digital economy. Its diverse and technologically advanced nature will enable the platform to be utilized across a variety of use cases. The future of Jordan’s digital economy will have a lot of CliQ to it.

* Services and benefits provision may vary from one bank to another, depending on the services and features a bank chooses to offer.


CliQ services are currently available free of charge by all participating banks.

System Participants

CliQ is now integrated into 19 mobile banking apps in Jordan!

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Last Updated: 1/11/2023

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