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Lessons learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic: A digital economy is a resilient economy



At JoPACC, our ultimate strategic goal is for Jordan’s economy to blossom into a resilient, inclusive and fully digital economy. In practicing what we preach, we have continually ensured that all aspects of our operations are fully digitalized. This is because we strongly believe in the potential of technology in streamlining and optimizing processes.

Therefore, when the COVID-19 pandemic reached Jordan, we were more than ready to adhere to international and local recommendations of social distancing and working from home, with no interruption to our business. This was especially important for us at JoPACC, as the importance of a digital economy is more apparent than ever.

Collectively, we at JoPACC have been attentive and mindful of the economic consequences of this international health crisis, which will inevitably highly target disenfranchised communities. Therefore we are all the more committed to increasing financial inclusion, reducing inequalities, and strengthening the digital financial infrastructure of Jordan towards a fully digitized Jordanian economy; one that can swiftly recover from the economic effects of COVID-19, and withstand future crises like it.

We will learn more about the role digital financial services can play in a crisis in the weeks ahead.