JoPACC and Interledger Foundation Announce a Strategic Partnership to Advance Financial Inclusion in Jordan’s Evolving Digital Economy


The Jordan Payments and Clearing Company (JoPACC) and the Interledger Foundation have joined forces to announce a strategic partnership aimed at promoting financial inclusion in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Leveraging the capabilities of interoperability through the utilization of the Interledger Protocol (ILP) and Open Payments, this collaboration seeks to address the pressing challenges of financial exclusion in the region. The partnership announcement was made during The Interledger Summit which took place from November 5-8 in San Jose, Costa Rica.  

The summit brought together a diverse group of tech engineers, developers, and international organizations focused on financial inclusion from 26 different nations. These dedicated individuals are at the forefront of creating innovative solutions for financial inclusivity and open payment systems within their own communities. With a shared goal of promoting equality and interoperability in a global payment network built on ILP, the summit provided a valuable platform for participants to showcase their cutting-edge products and services. Beyond that, it also served as an inspiring opportunity for collaborative discussions on ideas, insights, and challenges in the realm of digital financial inclusion. 

The agreement between the two entities is set to have a significant impact on the people of Jordan. Situated in the heart of the Middle East, Jordan is home to over 11 million individuals, including a large number of refugees and immigrants. Despite the country's increasing progress in the digital payments landscape, there still exists a discrepancy in financial inclusion for women, particularly in terms of bank account ownership and digital payment usage. As of 2022, only 34% of women in Jordan had a bank account, compared to 66% of men, resulting in a stark gap of 32%. Additionally, a recent survey from 2021 revealed that a mere 25% of Jordanians have utilized mobile banking, with 13% having ever engaged in online banking. 

“This partnership is another landmark step in helping to lower the 53% of adults who are currently financially excluded from financial services in Jordan,” said Her Excellency Ms. Maha Bahou, CEO of JoPACC. Ms. Bahou additionally weighed in on the introduction of cross-border payment solutions and innovative fintech protocols via Interledger Foundation, stating: “This partnership could potentially assist greatly in simplifying and reducing the costs associated with cross-border transactions for all citizens of Jordan”. 

“Although Jordan is a small country, it is one of the most advanced in terms of adopting innovative technologies in payments. Banks in Jordan are open-minded and keen to provide solutions to all of its people," said Briana Marbury, President and CEO of the Interledger Foundation. “We are excited about this partnership with JoPACC, furthering our mission to create a world that is financially inclusive and our alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).” 

The Interledger Foundation was established in 2020 as a U.S.-based nonprofit foundation. Its mission is to increase access to digital financial services for the unbanked of the world by promoting innovation, creativity, and inclusion by advancing open payment technologies that seamlessly connect the global society. The Interledger Foundation additionally stewards and advocates the Interledger Protocol (ILP), an open protocol that permits frictionless payments and micropayments across currencies and ledgers. They also advocate for financial inclusion by offering mission-aligned awards to entrepreneurs, organizations, and government agencies who are from or working with historically marginalized communities. 

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