JoPACC launches a Facebook Page for Awareness on Mobile Wallets- Mahafezna

JoPACC launches a Facebook Page for Awareness on Mobile Wallets- Mahafezna



Following the increased demand on the use of mobile wallets in Jordan, where the total number of users reached approximately 1 million by mid- June 2020, and to ensure users have an accessible source of reliable information on the use of mobile wallets, JoPACC launched Mahafezna- a Facebook awareness page dedicated to mobile payments and the use of mobile wallets. The objective of launching the page is to ensure mobile wallet users are well informed of how to benefit from the financial tool they have and to ultimately encourage the responsible and active use of mobile wallets.

The page aims to provide information on what mobile wallets are, the service providers, different mobile money use cases, the role of agents, the rights and responsibilities of users, and regular updates on the services, in addition to explanatory videos on how to use specific mobile wallet services. Moreover, the page will respond to users’ direct inquiries about registered wallets and any questions they may have.

Mahafezna presents an opportunity for JoPACC to maintain awareness material in an accessible and approachable format to end-users. As an independent front for mobile wallet information, its benefits can be utilized by various institutions in Jordan, including governmental bodies, private sector entities, and NGOs.

JoPACC believes in the right of financial consumers to have trusted and comprehensive information on the financial services they use and will work with all partners to facilitate access to information through Mahafezna by all mobile wallet users.


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