Mobile Wallets



Offering Aliases as a User Identifier

Through your mobile wallet, you can assign identifiers to your wallet in different ways; a name, your mobile number, or email address, which you can use in making transfers.
Request to Pay

Request to Pay

You can easily send payment requests using your mobile wallet to users of financial accounts (whether CliQ users or mobile wallet users), who can choose to accept the payment request and send you the requested amount.

Return Payments

Received a transfer by mistake? Send it back to its original sender quickly and easily – no need to start a new transfer or worry about getting the details wrong. You can return the same amount or part of it.
Payee Confirmation

Payee Confirmation

To reduce misdirected payments, the full name of the recipient of the transfer will be displayed to you, after obtaining their consent in advance, before sending transfers to them.

Confirmation of Receipt

Mobile wallets offer the option to inform you of the successful delivery of your mobile wallet transfers to the recipient.

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