Expanding the Mobile Money Agent Network Program


Expanding the Mobile Money Agent Network Program

Expanding the Mobile Money Agent Network Program was launched in 2019 to address the challenges faced by mobile money agents when opting to connect with more than one mobile payment service provider (mPSP). JoPACC joined forces with the Mobile Money for Resilience Initiative (MM4R); an initiative that was launched by the Central Bank of Jordan and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which aimed to promote financial inclusion of refugees and vulnerable Jordanians, providing them with the tools and resources needed to take control of their financial lives and become more empowered. 

This program kicked off by deploying a unified agent interface (UAI), a solution developed and introduced by JoPACC that enabled access by “super agents” to all mobile wallet applications that were connected to the portal. Up until then, agents who play an integral role in serving customers of a mobile payment service provider (mPSP) served only clients of that mPSP, limiting customers’ accessibility to services since connecting to more than a mobile wallet application on the same device was technically challenging. The UAI technical integration assisted in partnering with more than one mPSP and having unified access to all their applications and services including registration, cash-in, and cash-out offered to customers, in addition to technical assistance when possible.  

JoPACC and MM4R partnered with the Jordan Post Company to employ the branches of the latter as super agents, utilizing the UAI, and strengthening the role of the Post Company in the offering of digital financial services. As part of this partnership, 10 post branches in Mafraq were selected, after JoPACC had assessed their needs to be fit to serve as super agents while MM4R equipped the selected branches. JoPACC additionally conducted awareness sessions for all post-branch staff and familiarized them with the concept of mobile money, its uses, and the role of agents in serving mobile money users, in addition to providing training on the use of the UAI. JoPACC further produced brochures and awareness materials which were made available to mobile money users at the post branches. JoPACC further provided technical support to all involved branches to ensure the smooth operation of the interface and to enhance its services to agents and customers.  

This outreach initiative was concluded by 2020.