JOIN Offerings


Access to Infrastructure

JOIN invests in centralized platforms and systems, and acquires data to allow cohorts to innovate fintech solutions that accelerate digital transformation within the Kingdom and promote interoperability and accessibility among all stakeholders.

Access to Expertise

JOIN facilitates access to expertise and knowledge to fintech innovators by offering cohorts a range of programs and services, including incubation, expert services, regulatory consultancy, certification, and office hours.

Access to Partnerships

By fostering strategic partnerships that drive fintech innovation, JOIN connects cohorts with banks, accelerators, academic institutions, and more to increase their visibility and enhance their capacity for long-term success.

Access to Markets

JOIN connects innovators with industry representatives and other fintech enablers to assist its participants in exporting their innovative products and services to local, regional, and international markets, preventing the exportation of Jordanian talent.

Access to Finance

JOIN offers a platform for innovators to connect with potential investors and venture capitalists in the banking and investment world. JOIN's programs help participants prepare robust business plans that enable them to pitch their ideas confidently to secure funding.