Data Analytics & Reporting


For financial customers to be able to benefit from new financial services and solutions and use them conveniently and responsibly, we provide them with all the know-how they need to start using our advanced digital financial services and benefit from all their features. Our aim is to make practical and comprehensive knowledge available and accessible to all users. This knowledge includes user handbooks, booklets, explanatory videos, and awareness social media campaigns, among others.  

For financial institutions to form a comprehensive understanding of their business growth and make informed decisions, we regularly analyze data, study the business impact, and disseminate findings and recommendations. This knowledge encompasses our regular statistical reports (monthly, quarterly, and annual) on the performance of payment systems, sector trend analysis, market surveys, and qualitative and quantitative research.  

We at JoPACC strive to foster and maintain a culture of date-based knowledge and information sharing both within and outside of JoPACC, as well as to ensure that the expertise gained in the company is not localized or centralized in separate resources. This extensive focus on knowledge production and dissemination positions JoPACC as a knowledge hub in digital financial services to the benefit of its stakeholders.

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What is Knowledge Management and Business Analytics (KMBA)?

Knowledge Management is the process in which professionals in an organization collaborate in producing and sharing evidence-based knowledge, lessons learned, and experiences that can be useful for those working in the organization as well as for market participants, stakeholders, ultimate users, and learning establishments.  

Business Analytics, on the other hand, is the process of creating a detailed data-driven business analysis, outlining trends, problems, opportunities, and solutions for a business. These practices are essential to bringing efficiency and consistency to the overall performance of any institution or sector.  

JoPACC works both internally and externally to maximize the impact of knowledge management and business analytics on the performance of the financial sector and on driving user appetite for digital financial services. 

Data Analytics & Reporting

Data analytics is the process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data to uncover insights that can be used to make better decisions. As part of our role as an operator of several payment systems, we use data analytics to gain insights into business operations, which enables us to monitor user behavior, track transaction trends, and inform financial institutions in their business analysis and planning. 

In our monthly, quarterly, and annual payment system reports, we capture and publicize the results of our data analysis of our systems and platforms. These reports provide accurate numbers for the types, value, and volume of transactions, in addition to user demographics such as age, gender, and nationality.