JoMoPay FAQs

JoMoPay FAQs

JoMoPay stands for (Jordan Mobile Payment) and is an electronic payment system that enables mobile wallet transactions. Mobile wallets are electronic financial accounts that can be accessed and used through a mobile application. System participants are licensed mobile Payment Service Provides (mPSPs), who offer mobile wallet services to their clients.

  • Fund transfer through mobile wallets
  • ATM Cash-in/ Cash-out operations
  • Bill payment through the connection with the Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment
  • System (eFAWATEERcom)
  • Mobile payment through the use of USSD messages technology

There are 8 companies that offer mobile wallets, which can be reached on the following numbers:


  • Alawneh Pay: 06-5509292
  • Dinarak: 0795087460
  • Gadha: 06-2004717
  • Mared: 0791041044
  • National Wallet: 06-5002250
  • Orange Money: 0777700141
  • UWallet: 0788001400
  • Zain Cash: 1444 For Calling from a ZAIN Number / 0791444100 For Calling from Other Operators

Anyone with a mobile phone subscription on a Jordanian mobile network can register a mobile wallet, including Jordanians, non-Jordanian residents, tourists, and refugees. Minors (under the age of 18 years old) can also have an account, but only through their guardian.

Yes, there are transaction limits set by the Central Bank of Jordan for each transaction as per the below:






2000 JODs per transaction



From shops and agents 2000 JODs/transaction

From ATM network 500 JODs/transaction

500 JODs per transaction with a monthly limit of 5,000 JODs


1000 JODs per transaction

500 JODs per transaction with a monthly limit of 2,000 JODs

Money Transfer

500 JODs from person to person


Bill Payments

1000 JODs per transaction


Online Shopping

1000 JODs per day

1000 JODs per day

Using your National ID, you have the right to open two mobile wallets on the same mobile number or on two different mobile numbers. You can register two mobile wallets with the same Mobile Payment Service Provider (mPSP) or with two different mPSPs.

Service fees vary from one mobile wallet provider to another. Please contact your provider and inquire about the fees charged for different services, such as transfer and cash-out fees. You can also view the transaction fees for each mobile wallet provider via the Mobile Wallet Gateway.

In general, there are no fees for registering or canceling the wallet or keeping it without balance. Cash-in is free by most mobile wallet providers, and there are fees for cash-in and cash-out transactions via ATMs.

No, a bank account is not needed to create a mobile wallet and benefit from the services JoMoPay provides.

You can inquire about the mobile wallets you own through the following ways:

No, there is no fee or minimum deposit amount needed to open a mobile wallet.