CliQ is a system for instant payments that is owned and operated by JoPACC. The system enables the instant transfer of money between bank accounts, and between bank accounts and mobile wallets.

CliQ offers the following services: single credit transfer, request to pay, return payments, and QR code payments at merchants.

Clients of all banks that are connected to the system can benefit from the system services.

All banks in Jordan except for Al Rafidain Bank.

  • Instant payments and transfers between bank accounts, and between bank accounts and mobile wallets
  • Registering to CliQ using an alias, mobile number, or email. Transfers can be made to clients whose accounts aren't registered to CliQ, provided that they are at banks participating on CliQ
  • Confirming the payee's information before completing the transfer
  • Receiving receipt confirmation once the transfer is delivered
  • Registering more than one alias for the same bank account
  • Using the same alias for several accounts, while identifying one default account to receive transfers on. Transfers can also be made to any of the accounts registered under the same alias if the account provider (bank or Mobile Payment Service Provider) is selected

Note: the provision of these features depends on the bank. Contact your bank to inquire about the availability of these features among its services.

  • Log in to your bank mobile application
  • Find CliQ (it could be listed in the main menu or under transfers)
  • Register your alias, which could be a nickname, mobile number, or an alphanumeric name, and will be used by others to transfer money to you. If the selected alias has been already used, you will be asked to select another one
  • You may be asked to select the account you are activating CliQ on
  • You will be notified of the success of the registration
  • You can use CliQ to transfer money or pay through QR right after the registration is completed

Note: some banks require registering to CliQ through online banking services and not through the bank mobile app.

  • Log in to your bank application and select “CliQ”.
  • Enter the alias, mobile number, email, or the IBAN of the account you intend to transfer to.
  • Enter the amount you would like to transfer.
  • The App will display the entered information for you to verify, including the recipient’s full name.
  • Check the transfer information.
  • Enter the passcode to complete the transfer (this could be a pre-set passcode or a one-time password (OTP) sent to your mobile number).
  • You will be notified of the success of the transfer.

CliQ currently allows local transfers inside Jordan and in Jordanian dinar only.

Banks currently offer CliQ services free of charge, and they have the authority to set fees for the services as they see fit.

Contact your bank who is responsible for tracking the transfer for you and ensuring it is either successfully delivered or returned to your account.