eFAWATEERcom is an Electronic Bill Presentment & Payments (EBPP) system. It is owned by Jordan Payments & Clearing Company (JoPACC) and operated by MadfooatCom for Electronic Payments. Using this system, you will be able to pick the time and place (24*7*365 availability) you want to pay your bills through a variety of payment channels that include ATMs, Tellers, Mobile and Online Banking services, along with a number of trusted centers across the Kingdom.

The system aims at facilitating and accelerating the bill payments process through different payment channels in the Kingdom (bank’s branches, ATMs, mobile banking, internet banking, mobile wallets (JoMoPay), Jordan post offices, kiosks and others). It also aims at transferring from a paper-based society to a digital ecosystem that offers 24*7*365 service, reduces traffic and crowded queues, which in turn would reduce expenses among other societal and economic benefits.

By accessing the eFAWATEERcom website (https://efawateercom.jo), or downloading the eFAWATEERcom application and filling in the required data. You will need to have your national ID number or passport number at hand.

The system is available 24*7*365; which allows you to present and pay your bills at your convenience, even on holidays and weekends.

Payment channels are multiple payment options available for you to pay your bills using eFAWATEERcom. The payment channels are:

  • Banks: Online Banking (including mobile and internet banking), ATM machines, and tellers at physical bank branches (Banks counters)
  • POS (Point of Sale) and Agents: Such as Exchange houses and Supermarkets and other participants within the eFAWATEERcom agent network
  • eFAWATEERcom website: By visiting (https://efawateercom.jo) and using a Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard), or using DirectPay; the service that links directly to your bank account
  • eFAWATEERcom mobile application

There are no fees on government bills and payments, such as utility bills and traffic fines. Fees for other payments range from JD (0.20 – 5.00), and vary depending on the biller, service type, and payment channel.

No, eFAWATEERcom allows you to present and pay your bills online without the need for traditional paper bills.

Yes, bills can be paid through eFAWATEERcom mobile application, website, or through your bank’s mobile application and website from anywhere in the world.

The system allows you to present and pay all types of payments, provided that the service provider is an eFAWATEERcom biller, including among others:

  • Governmental or non-Governmental services, such as taxes, customs fees, or fines
  • Utility services bills, such as electricity, water, prepaid mobile plan renewals, or monthly subscription bills
  • Tuition fees for schools and universities
  • Insurance fees, association membership fees, travel tickets, and voluntary social security subscription fees
  • eCommerce payments