Strategic Pillars

Strategic Pillars

Our high-level objective is to provide a "Comprehensive and innovative financial ecosystem benefiting all and contributing to digital financial inclusion and digital economy in Jordan”, and is pursued in accordance with the following strategic pillars: 

pillar 1

Pillar One

Enhancing Digital Liquidity and Increasing Access, Adoption, and Usage of Digital Financial Services
pillar 2

Pillar Two

Introducing, Expanding, and Managing Digital Rails, including Systems, Platforms, and Infrastructure
pillar 3

Pillar Three

Enabling Fintech Innovation
pillar 4

Pillar Four

Governance, Compliance, Risk Management, Cyber Resilience, Safety, and Consumer Protection
pillar 5

Pillar Five

Data Analytics and Knowledge Production and Dissemination
pillar 6

Pillar Six

Advocacy and Outreach