WhatsApp Inquiry Service

How to Use The Service

Follow these simple steps to use the service:

Click on this link or scan the QR Code below:

1. You will be redirected to the WhatsApp chat screen on your device.
2. Send any text message to start.
3. Click on “Inquire.”
4. Your WhatsApp number will be used for inquiries.
5. If you have any wallets registered with mobile wallet companies in Jordan or accounts on CliQ, the name of the service provider or bank you’re registered with through your mobile number will be displayed.
6. If you have more than one wallet or CliQ account registered with your mobile number with more than one mobile wallet provider or bank, they will all be displayed.


Service Requirements

WhatsApp should be installed on your device with the mobile number you are inquiring about
To preserve your privacy, this service does not allow inquiries about mobile wallets and CliQ accounts that are not registered with the mobile number used on WhatsApp