JOIN Initiatives

Jordan Open Finance Standardization Initiative

The Jordan Open Finance Standardization is an initiative by led by JOIN Fincubator and JoPACC that focuses on unifying and standardizing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and related data formats and content across financial institutions in the Kingdom. With the primary aim of propelling innovation, this initiative is set to simplify the exchange of data and the implementation of innovative digital financial services. By establishing a uniform and standard set of APIs and API services, the efforts and time required for development will be drastically reduced, and procedures will be simplified and streamlined, paving the way for innovation and accelerating implementation.

Sector Engagement Sessions

Structured workshops hosted by JOIN, bringing together stakeholders from the financial ecosystem and other diverse industries to address and collaborate on topics identified by JOIN. These sessions foster information exchange, collective issue resolution, skill enhancement, and the potential for networking, partnerships, and collaborations among all participants. Additionally, these sessions also delve into the exploration of past experiences and case studies, allowing participants to learn from successes and challenges. Moreover, these sessions tap into new and emerging topics such as Green Finance, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), and other technology and innovation areas shaping the financial landscape, ensuring that participants stay at the forefront of industry developments.