JOIN Fincubator Launches its First Bootcamp, Paving the Way for its First Fintech Incubation Program


As part of the Jordan Payments and Clearing Company's (JoPACC) efforts to enable fintech innovation through its JOIN Fincubator program, JoPACC announces the kickoff of JOIN's first anticipated bootcamp, commencing on June 4th. 

A total of thirty applicants were accepted in the bootcamp program, including 12 teams who had joined the JOIN's first hackathon, MSME Masterminds Hackathon, in March 2023. It is worth mentioning that in April, JOIN opened its doors to all applicants interested in joining the Fintech incubation program and accepted 30 applicants according to set criteria. Spanning over three weeks, the bootcamp offers an intensive program aimed at equipping participants with foundational market knowledge, solidifying their business ideas and models, and validating the alignment of their ideas with problem-solving and market needs. Additionally, the bootcamp provides a foundational understanding of relevant fintech, business, and entrepreneurship topics, empowering participants with crucial skills in pitching and business modeling. 

 The bootcamp curriculum is carefully crafted to cover various topics, including an introduction to finance and the financial ecosystem, practical entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial personality, customer discovery, ideation, and human-centric design, lectured by a team of the industry's most experienced and qualified trainers. Each week, participants will engage in interactive sessions that foster discussion, feedback, and follow-up on their progress to ensure continuous improvement and growth of participating startups throughout the bootcamp. 

The final step of the bootcamp is to equip all participants with the essential skills required to prepare them for the Pitching Day, scheduled to occur at the end of June. The Pitching Day will be overseen by a panel of experienced professionals, including subject matter experts and entrepreneurs, who will assess startup ideas and business model canvases. Those who receive positive evaluations will be considered successful candidates and move forward in the process, securing their access to the six-month incubation program.

JOIN Fincubator plays a vital role in nurturing fintech startups and entrepreneurs by cultivating the development of innovative financial products and services that drive digital transformation, enhance financial inclusion, and promote a sustainable digital economy. JOIN serves as a launchpad for innovators and entrepreneurs, offering valuable opportunities to test and refine their fintech solutions. Furthermore, JOIN provides a multitude of resources, including infrastructure, expertise, strategic partnerships, access to markets, and financing opportunities. More specifically, JOIN offers expert-led training courses and facilitates connections between participants and potential investors. This enables startups to unlock pathways for launching their innovations in local, regional, and international markets, ensuring their ideas gain local and global recognition.

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