JoPACC Collaborates with Network International to Launch Instant QR Payment Services at Merchants Through "CliQ"


In cooperation with the Jordan Payments and Clearing Company (JoPACC), Network International Jordan (NI) — the local arm of the leading provider of digital commerce services in the Middle East and Africa — has launched a new service that facilitates QR payments to merchants using CliQ, making NI the first non-account offering merchant acquirer to introduce this service.
The CliQ instant payment system, launched by JoPACC in 2020, allows instant transfers in Jordan between bank accounts, and between bank accounts and mobile wallets. CliQ services are provided directly through online banking applications. 

JoPACC had earlier upgraded its JoMoPay system, the Mobile Payment Switch in Jordan, to operate according to the same ISO standard adopted by the CliQ (ISO 20022), enabling instant and seamless payments and transfers between CliQ and JoMoPay.

The new QR payment service was established by the two parties. Network International will expand the use of CliQ as a payment method through point-of-sale devices available across the Kingdom. CliQ and mobile wallet users can pay at any point-of-sale of Network International's participating merchants by scanning a QR code using their financial accounts' applications.

Network International's merchants across the Kingdom will be equipped with updated devices that support QR payments through CliQ, creating dynamic QR codes for customer purchases following the standards of CliQ. Customers will scan the QR code using their bank or mobile wallet application to make their payments instantly. Also, the company will handle the immediate settlement process for merchants once the payment is completed. This service, in addition to the immediate merchant settlement, will serve a broad base of customers, including CliQ users and mobile wallet users.

Notably, the list of financial institutions participating in CliQ includes 19 banks. Clients of 27 financial institutions, including banks and mobile wallet companies, will benefit from the offered service, bringing about a qualitative leap in merchant payment services in Jordan.

Commenting on this partnership, Amjad Al Sadeq, CEO of Network International Jordan, said, "We are proud of this step, which confirms our continuous efforts to enrich the electronic payment system in the Kingdom by concluding a series of partnerships with various institutions in both public and private sectors, the most important of which is this partnership, where the CliQ instant payment system will add a high value to the world of instant payments, with its bundle of benefits for Jordanian financial institutions and their clients on the one hand and emerging companies in the field of financial technology and the digital economy on the other hand, thus enhancing the prospects of a digital economy in Jordan."
Further emphasizing the importance of this collaboration, the CEO of JoPACC, Maha Bahou, said: "We cherish our partnership with Network International, which came as one of the most prominent achievements that enable advanced, seamless, and instantaneous payments between CliQ and users and merchants, and which also ensures the settlement of amounts to merchant accounts in real-time, making it the first feature of its kind in the Kingdom. This step will contribute to expanding the scope of electronic payment services, increasing digital liquidity, supporting the digital economy, and advancing the digital financial inclusion we aspire to".

The Jordan Payments and Clearing Company (JoPACC), headquartered in Amman, is a private shareholding company owned by the Central Bank of Jordan and all commercial banks in Jordan. The company works closely with financial institutions—including banks, mobile payment service providers (mPSPs), and payment system operators. Its main objectives are to develop and enhance digital retail and micropayment systems, invest in innovative digital payment solutions, and produce and disseminate knowledge and business analytics to raise awareness and enrich financial decision-making.

Network International Jordan is a leading provider of comprehensive, integrated payment solutions for merchants and financial institutions through POS or online platforms. Network International offers merchants comprehensive payment gateways that enable them to accept electronic card payments and other value-added services that enrich their business growth and increase their returns and revenues.

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