With over 78 million Transactions Processed in 2022, JoPACC Publishes its Annual Payment Systems Report

The Jordan Payments and Clearing Company (JoPACC) released its report for 2022, showcasing the performance of its payment systems over the past three years (2020-2022). The report reveals a total of 78.060 million transactions, with a total value of 62.200 billion JOD, processed by JoPACC's five payment systems in 2022.
More specifically, the report analyzed the performance of the five payment systems that JoPACC owns, including the Electronic Cheque Clearing Unit (ECCU), the Automated Clearing House (ACH), the Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment System (eFAWATEERcom), Jordan’s Mobile Payment Switch (JoMoPay), and the Instant Payment System (CliQ).
The Electronic Cheque Clearing Unit (ECCU) has reported an increase of 8.4% in the total value of cheques for 2022, reaching 40.83 billion JOD and comprising 6.9 million cheques in 2022. The system also saw an 11% decrease in the number of returned cheques compared to the previous year. Furthermore, the data shows that the average cheque value has risen from 5,470 JOD in 2021 to 5,915 JOD in 2022.
The Automated Clearing House (ACH) also experienced considerable growth in the number and value of its transactions compared to the previous year, with a 5.6% rise in the number of transactions and an 11.2% rise in their value. A total of 10.19 million transactions, amounting to 8.19 billion JOD, were processed on the system, with salary transfers accounting for 75.7% of all transactions. The ACH is designated to execute bank-to-bank low and medium-value debit and credit money transfers initiated by bank clients, including individuals and entities.
The report also demonstrated high uptake of eFAWATEERcom services. By the end of 2022, the system had a total of 3.606 million registered users. Additionally, the number of transactions grew to 42.83 million, representing a 25% increase, while the total value of transactions increased by 10.8%, reaching 10.48 billion JOD. The billing categories, ranked by the highest number of transactions, were telecommunications, utilities (water and electricity), and government services.

The JoMoPay system (Jordan’s Mobile Payment Switch) saw a 44.6% growth in mobile wallet users compared to the previous year, reaching a total of 2.3 million users. In addition, the system registered a total of 11.08 million transactions with a total value of 1.37 billion JOD. Consequently, a marked decrease of 48.7% in the number and 36.6% in the value of transactions was observed. This drop, however, does not reflect an actual decrease in the number or value of transactions but is a consequence of an upgrade to the JoMoPay system in late 2021 that excluded the count of certain payment types, which do not involve financial transfers, such as payment cards, eFAWATEERcom payments, and others.

The Instant Payment System (CliQ) experienced the highest growth - compared to all other systems - in both the number and value of transactions in the third year of its launch. The number of transactions rose by 700.6%, from 881.2 thousand to 7.05 million, while the value of transactions saw an even greater increase of 755.9%, from 157.4 million JOD to 1.35 billion JOD.

JoPACC's 2022 report shows that the uptake of digital payments in the Kingdom has been on the rise over the years. JoPACC releases monthly and quarterly reports on its payment systems, detailing usage, user count and type, systems’ interoperability, and rates of change, among other metrics for each system separately.

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