Renewed Collaboration Between JoPACC and INJAZ to Enhance Financial Awareness and Train Jordanian University Students on Digital Financial Services


As part of JoPACC and INJAZ's commitment to empowering youth and university students, the Jordan Payments and Clearing Company (JoPACC) and INJAZ have signed a new agreement to promote and enhance digital financial services in Jordanian universities. This collaboration aims to increase digital financial literacy and knowledge among students, particularly in areas with limited access to such services. The agreement was signed by JoPACC CEO Maha Bahou and INJAZ CEO Deema Bibi.

With the world rapidly moving towards a digital economy, it is essential to equip the younger generation with more financial knowledge than ever before. In response to that, this collaboration will include training sessions and providing information on digital payment solutions, equipping beneficiaries with the necessary skills and knowledge to enhance their financial awareness and competitiveness in the job market.

This year's training sessions will be held for students at Tafila Technical University and Al-Huson University College, extending its impact to other governorates outside of Amman and promoting financial inclusion among Jordanians across the Kingdom. INJAZ has a longstanding record of training and preparing university and school students in various subjects, including financial literacy. JoPACC will conduct training sessions for INJAZ volunteers, who will then pass on their expertise and knowledge to university students.

Ms. Maha Bahou, CEO of JoPACC, stated: "We are excited to implement this agreement with INJAZ; this is a significant step in our commitment to empowering Jordanian youth with essential skills and knowledge in the financial sector, enhancing their potential and readiness for the future."

Ms. Deema Bibi, CEO of INJAZ, expressed her pleasure in renewing the collaboration with JoPACC to reach diverse groups and increase their financial awareness. She added: "At INJAZ, we believe that equipping youth with the skills to access and benefit from digital financial services is crucial for their financial stability and success. We hope this collaboration with JoPACC will lead us towards a more financially inclusive society."

It is worth mentioning that financial literacy and financial awareness are key strategic fundamentals for both JoPACC and INJAZ, aimed at equipping Jordanian society with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve financial stability, where during the previous academic year, the two institutions conducted sessions on digital financial awareness at Al-Hussein Technical University (HTU) and Al-Balqa Applied University.

Despite JoPACC’s B2B model, which traditionally limits direct consumer interaction, JoPACC has innovatively transcended this barrier through its outreach initiatives.  These activities are key in promoting financial literacy and easing the transition for the financially marginalized segments, including youth, women, and underprivileged communities, contributing to the ever-evolving digital economy. 

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