Benefits ( CliQ )


Get the most out of your CliQ experience and benefit from the following services:


Instant Payments to Bank Accounts and Mobile Wallets in Jordan

Make instant payments and send and receive money from other clients of financial accounts, including bank accounts and mobile wallet users.
Request to Pay

Request to Pay

Send requests for payment to clients of banks and mobile wallets, who can then choose to accept the transfer request and send you the payment.

Return Payments

You can return payments to senders when you are not sure you are the intended recipient or if you received the wrong amount, without starting a new transfer. You also have the choice of returning the whole amount or part of it.
Payee confirmation

Payee Confirmation

As an additional step to reduce misdirected payments, CliQ displays the full name of the recipient to you, after obtaining their consent in advance, before sending transfers to them.
Credit Confirmation

Confirmation of Receipt

CliQ offers the option to inform you of the successful delivery of your transfers to the recipient.

QR Payments to Merchants:

Make on-the-spot payments at a large network of merchants by scanning a QR code on point-of-sale devices through your bank app. Make sure the merchant accepts QR payments through CliQ.

Multiple User Identifiers

CliQ allows you to identify your bank account in various ways, by name, mobile number, or email address, making it easy to send and receive transfers. Instant transfers through CliQ can also be made to the IBAN of the recipient, whether they created a CliQ account or not, as long as their bank is connected to CliQ. You can have more than one alias for the same bank account, and you can use the same alias for multiple accounts where one of them will be the default account you receive transfers at.

CliQ as a Payment Acceptance Method

Given its ease of use and convenience, businesses are showing interest in integrating CliQ into their payment acceptance methods. In this case, and given that direct participation in the system is only open to banks, businesses can explore integration through merchant acquirers in Jordan.

*The provision of services might vary from one bank to another; contact your bank and inquire about the availability of the above services.