Mobile Wallet Payments Services


Through your mobile wallet, you will have access to a range of convenient daily transactions and benefits offered through JoPACC’s Mobile Payment system “JoMoPay”. These services include: 


Instant Fund Transfer

Whether you have a “Personal” wallet for individual users, a “Merchant” wallet to accept payments from customers, or a “Business” wallet to transfer salaries and wages, you will be able to send and receive transfers instantly through mobile wallets using the money transfer feature. You will also be able to send and receive funds to and from CliQ-enabling bank accounts.

Cardless Cash in and Cash out at ATMs

With your mobile wallet, you can withdraw and deposit cash conveniently and securely at ATMs of specific banks without a card. Just use the OTP sent to your wallet to make deposits or withdrawals. Also, if you have a payment card issued from your wallet, you can use it for cash-out at any ATM in Jordan.

Bill Payments

All mobile wallets in the kingdom are linked to eFAWATEERcom (the Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment System owned by JoPACC), which enables you to inquire about your bill values and pay them directly, in addition to making payments for a wide range of services.

QR Payments to Merchants

Mobile wallets enable merchants to accept payments by generating a QR Code through their mobile wallet app, where users scan the QR code displayed by the merchant on their device, confirm the acceptance of the payment after verifying the amount, and complete the payment process instantly and smoothly. This service is also available at point-of-sales devices that accept QR payments.

Sending and Receiving International Remittances

Several mobile wallets offer international transfer services by connecting with exchange houses so that you can send and receive money around the world through your wallet.

Mobile wallets provide you with a range of other convenient services, including:


Payment Cards

Many mobile wallets enable users to issue a payment card linked to their wallet, which is used to make purchases online and in stores and withdrawals from ATMs.


Some mobile wallets allow you to purchase digital cards (also known as e-vouchers) and send them digitally to the wallet holder. These cards are used for digital purchases, such as gaming, online shopping, telecom, software, and many more.

Wallet Inquiry Service


Need to inquire about the mobile wallets you have? We’ve got you covered with three convenient options:

  • Phone: Call us at 06-4011014 during our customer service hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Sun to Thur. 
  • Facebook: Send us a message on Facebook @Mahafezna
  • WhatsApp: Inquire automatically here (this service assists you in learning about the mobile wallet/s associated with the mobile number you inquire through WhatsApp from)

*The provision of services and benefits might vary from one mobile wallet to another; contact your mobile wallet company and inquire about the availability of the above services.