JoMoPay Features


Full Interoperability

Leveraging the ISO 20022 messaging standard, instant transfers are now possible between all mobile payment service providers (mPSPs) and all banks participating on CliQ, allowing for faster, interoperable transactions. 


Multiple Payment Addressing Modes

JoMoPay facilitates money transfers by using aliases as wallet identifiers, which can be a name, the user’s mobile number, or an email format that users can use as wallet identifiers in sending and receiving transfers. 


Request to Pay

JoMoPay allows payees, through mobile wallets, to send a request for payment directly to the payer’s account, including mobile wallets and bank accounts registered on CliQ. The payer has the option to accept or reject this request. If accepted, the requested amount is transferred instantly to the requester’s account.  

Request to Pay

Return Payments

As an additional layer of convenience to clients, and to improve the traceability of returned transactions, JoMoPay enables payees, through their mobile wallets, to return received payments to the originator, allowing them to return the whole amount or part of it. 

Return Payment

Payee Confirmation

An extra measure to avoid misdirected payments is implemented by JoMoPay, which displays the full name of the recipient after obtaining their consent in advance, prior to any transfers being sent by mobile wallet users. 

Payee Confirmation

Credit Confirmation

After sending transfers, mobile wallet users can be notified of whether their transfers have been successfully credited to the recipient’s account.


Credit Confirmation