JoMoPay Services

JoMoPay Services


Instant Funds Transfer

JoMoPay allows interoperable, instant, and efficient fund transfers between mobile wallet accounts by all providers (inter-PSP transfers), where customers can be businesses with “Business” or “Merchant” wallets or individuals with “Personal” wallets, and to and from all accounts in participating banks on CliQ. Payments can be done between and among all types; individuals can transfer money to businesses rather than using cash for service or product payments as an example, while businesses can transfer salaries directly and instantly to individuals’ wallets without the need for any waiting or processing time. JoMoPay has set different limits for transaction amounts based on the wallet type and transaction type to reduce fraud and money laundry risks.


QR Code Payments

All mobile wallet providers have launched a QR code payment acceptance service for merchants, whereby the merchant issues a QR code on their device that reflects the value of the required amount. The mobile wallet holder scans the QR code through the wallet application, confirms the acceptance of the payment after verifying the amount, and completes the payment process instantly and smoothly. Mobile wallet holders can make instant payments to merchants via QR regardless of whether the merchant is acquired by a bank, a dedicated merchant acquirer, or a Mobile Payment Service Provider (mPSP).

Cardless Cash-In/ Cash-Out at ATMs

Mobile wallet customers, through collaboration with banks, can make cash withdrawals and deposits through ATMs without a card, using an OTP sent to their wallets to verify the transaction. If mobile wallet users have a payment card, they can use it for cash-out at any ATM in Jordan.

Bill Payments

All mobile payment service providers are integrated with eFAWATEERcom (the Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment System owned by JoPACC). This allows mobile wallet account holders to electronically inquire about their bill values. In addition to inquiring, payments for bills and services can be made through mobile wallet accounts, which provides ease of access and payment to all billers via eFAWATEERcom.


Cross-border Remittances

Several mPSPs launched international transfer services through mobile wallets by connecting with exchange houses so that the wallet holder can send and receive money using their wallet in a large number of countries.

Mobile Wallets Offer Other Services, Including:


Payment Cards

Many of the mPSPs operating in the Kingdom enable their users to request the issuance of payment cards directly through their wallets. These cards can be used to make purchases online, at points of sale, and to carry out cash-in/ cash-out transactions at ATMs.


Some mobile wallets in the Kingdom provide their users with the ability to purchase digital cards (also known as e-Vouchers). These cards can be used to access a multitude of services, including gaming, online shopping, telecom, and software, among many others.

* Services and benefits provision varies from one mPSP to another depending on the services they choose to offer 


In general, there are no fees for opening and closing mobile wallets. Other service fees provided by mobile wallet service providers (mPSPs) vary from one provider to another. You can contact the operating mPSPs in the Kingdom here and inquire about their service fees. 


To facilitate users' access to mobile wallet services in all geographical locations, mPSPs offer their services through agents, who are licensed shops that provide wallet registration and cash-in/cash-out services to wallet clients. Agents include money exchange houses, mobile shops, and other types of shops, including grocery shops, bookshops, and pharmacies.